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Positive Playtimes

The theme of this week’s assembly is positive playtimes. Here is our thought of the week.

When we are on the playground it is vital that we ensure that we are following the playground rules. When we are interacting with other students, we must continue to be kind as we would normally do inside the building.

We were shown an assembly produced by the Premier League. Mr Cawthorne demonstrated how we can maintain good behaviour even when on the playground. Here are some examples:

  • - Being inclusive when playing games with other children
  • - Being respectful when winning or losing a game
  • - Making sure that we are always kind
  • - Respecting our midday supervisors

This is highly beneficial to our friends and the staff at Hurst. If we follow all of these steps, we will all have very positive playtimes.

Thank you for listening to our thought of the week, we hope you have a good rest of your Friday and a great weekend!