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Our School Governors

Hurst Primary School’s governing body is made up of around a dozen governors who represent the school’s staff, parents and the community.  All governors are appointed directors by the Academy. So that you can get to know your governing body a little more, individual governors have provided some information about themselves.

Esther Box (Parent Governor)

Esther Box has been a member of the governing body since November 2011. She is currently a member of the Staffing and Curriculum committees. Esther has two children, both attended Hurst, prior to moving on to local secondary schools.  

Term of Office - 15/11/15 to 14/11/2023.

Tazmeen Dhillon (Parent Governor)

Tazmeen Dhillon has one child at the school and has lived in and around Bexley for most of her life. She has worked predominantly in the public sector and more recently at the Cabinet Office with central government departments. Tazmeen is self employed and has a background in project and stakeholder management. She really enjoys contributing to the continual improvement of the school. 

Term of Office - 14/07/16 to 13/07/2020.

Julian Freeman (Community Governor (appointed))

Term of Office - 15/09/2017 to 14/09/2021

Sue Goudie (Community Governor (appointed))

Sue Goudie has been a member of the Governing Body since September 2017. Sue has always lived in the area and has had a keen interest in Hurst School having been a pupil herself and both her daughter and son having attended the school.

Sue spent 30 years in pre school in Bexley and values the opportunity to contribute to the continued high standards that the school offers. 

Term of Office - 15/09/2017 to 14/09/2021

Claire Mortimer (Deputy Head Teacher - Staff Governor)

As a former Hurst pupil herself, Claire was delighted to join the staff in September 2009, having already taught at another Bexley Primary school for five years.  She joined the governing body in 2017, having had experience of being a governor at her previous school.  Claire has two young children, her son William recently started in the school nursery and is looking forward to joining the main school next September.  At the moment, Claire is enjoying maternity leave with Baby Emily but is still very involved with life at Hurst.  

Term of office 12/1/17 - 11/1/2021. 

Sarah Mortimer (Assistant Head Teacher - KS2, Staff Governor)

Sarah came to the school in September 2010, following five years at another local Bexley Junior school. She was elected as a staff governor in January 2017 and has previous experience of working on a governing body as a parent governor at her sons’ infant school. With English as an area of interest, Sarah is the school’s Literacy Leader.

Term of office 12/1/17 – 11/1/2021.

Charlotte Sharp (Parent Governor)

Charlotte Sharp has been a parent at Hurst since 2007, with two of her children completing their time at Hurst and now at secondary school and her youngest child now in KS2. She has been an active member of the Parents’ association for 10 years.

Charlotte is a self employed Counsellor, working with adults and Children, as well as a Family Support Worker in a Kent primary school.

Term of office 13/10/1 - 12/10/2021.

Iain Scott (Community Governor (appointed))

Iain Scott has lived in the Bexley area for most of his life.  He has two young children and is interested in assisting Hurst Primary School to create a great educational environment.  He started his professional career as a Chartered Accountant with a large accountancy firm working as an auditor.  He now works for a large consultancy firm providing specialised reward advice to businesses.  A particular area of interest for Iain has been governance and regulatory compliance and he hopes to build on this experience as a community governor. 

Term of Office - 01/04/2016 - 31/03/2020.

Jayne Smith (Staff Governor)

Jayne Smith was appointed as Head Teacher of Hurst Primary in April 2017. She came to the school in September 2009, following eleven years as a Deputy Head in Greenwich. She was elected as a staff governor at Hurst in 2012 and has experience of working on the governing body at her previous school. Jayne’s son, Lucas, was a pupil at Hurst Primary before heading off to a local secondary school. 

Term of Office - 01/10/13 to 01/04/2021.

Trevor Wald (Community Governor (appointed))

Trevor Wald has been a governor since 2006, originally as a parent governor when his two sons were at Hurst. He is a retired chemistry teacher from Beths Grammar School and has been coming into the school delivering science lessons to Hurst pupils for many years. He is an old boy of the school attending between 1958 and 1963. 

Term of Office - 01/10/13 to 30/09/2021.

Maire Williams (Community Governor (appointed))

Maire lives in Eltham and has three grown up â€‹children.   For 15 years she worked for the Adult Education College for Bexley.  Since 2006 she has been a School Business Manager in Greenwich schools.

Term of Office - 08/10/18 to 07/10/2022

Warren Valentine (Community Governor (appointed))

Warren grew up locally and is keen to ensure all students grow up with the best possible education. He has worked in  education since 2012 and currently leads departments in the secondary sector.

Term of Office - 30/01/19 to 29/01/2023

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