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Year 4 - Home/School Learning Pack

Work Added - w/c 11 May

Work Added - w/c 4 May

Work Added - w/c 27 April

Work Added for After the Easter Break - w/c 20 April

Year 4 children may enjoy taking part in this literacy competition.  Click here for details:‚Äč


Previously Set Work

Here is a list of work that you can have a go at now you are working from home.


  • Have a go at some times-tables practice. Use this website:
  • There are two maths check tests to try – Maths Test A and B
  • Look in the folder ‘Maths Practice’. Have a go at some of the topics that you think you need to practice. Or try all of them if you want a challenge.


  • There are three reading practice tests to try.
  • Have a go at the SPAG Autumn and Spring Tests – see what you can remember!
  • Make sure that you do some reading at home and record in your reading record.
  • Practise the Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings. There is a list of words and some activities in the ‘Spellings’ folder.
  • Write an entertaining book review, maybe with illustrations, on a book you have read, to put forward for the termly reading champion award!


  • Look at the PowerPoint on ‘The Water Cycle’.
  • Choose one of the water cycle worksheets and complete it.
  • What can you remember from our science topics? Try the science practice test.


  • Carry out some research on ‘The Countryside Code’ for our orienteering topic. Then design and make a leaflet to explain the countryside code – no more than A4 size.
  • Draw a pencil portrait of Queen Victoria for our Victorians topic after Easter.
  • Try to watch a film set in Victorian Times (like ‘Oliver!’, ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘The Pirate Captain and the Scientist’), or do some research on the internet. Can you make a list of similarities and differences between your life and the life of a child in Victorian Times?
  • Next term, we will be having a Victorian Day sometime in June and you will be able to dress up as a Victorian child. Research and think about what costume you might wear on that day. Can you start preparing it?

SUPPORT WORK – If any of this work is too difficult for you, and you usually work in a group in the classroom, try some work from the ‘Support Work’ folder.

Thank you

The Year 4 Team