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YEAR 2 - Work to be done at home

Work for w/c 11 May

Work for w/c 4 May 

Work for w/c 27 April

Work Added for After the Easter Break - w/c 20 April

Previously Added Work

The Year 2 team have created a pack of resources to enable the children to practise key skills and learning objectives within English, maths and the wider curriculum at home.


We have provided a range of activities that will ensure your child practises their phonics, spelling and grammar and comprehension skills during their time at home. We would also encourage children to complete the activities below using a range of punctuation, adjectives, different conjunctions (and, because, but, so), adverbs (slowly, rapidly, carefully) and using words ending in different suffixes (words ending in –ness, -ly, -less, -ful). These activities can be completed in any order.

  • Write a letter to a friend or their class teacher using the templates provided as a guide. Success criteria on each letter template outline the features to be included by the children e.g. to use capital letters or to include question marks.
  • Write diary entries using the checklist provided.
  • Write a non-chronological report using the features checklist about your favourite animal, a sport or a famous inventor.


We have provided maths mats that cover the learning objectives taught so far in class to aid revision and recall of number bonds and times tables. Children can also practise maths tests and the answer sheets have been provided for parents/carers. These activities can be completed in any order.

We would also encourage children to practise their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and 2x, 5x and 10x tables and their division facts e.g. 5 x 2 = 10 so 10  2 = 5.

The Wider Curriculum

We have provided a list of useful websites that can be accessed at home, art and DT activity ideas, a weather report – to be completed daily and book/film review sheets.

Our topic next will Great Britain and Great Britons, your child could make a poster about Florence Nightingale or Lawrence Stephen Lowry (artist).

Please note we will be keeping reading records, times tables booklets and spelling test books at school and will send them home on our return to school.

Thank you

The Year 2 Team





General Activities

List of Websites

Weather Report

Sensory Activities