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Learn Sign Language (BSL) at Home with Mrs George!

Children at Hurst have, for a long time, learnt a little bit of sign language - often signing songs sung during assemblies.  Our talented Teaching Assistant, Mrs George and Year 2 Leader Mrs Stratford took this one stage further in the spring term setting up a lunchtime signing club for the children.  

Disappointed that the club has come to a halt, for the time being, Mrs George has been busy at home practising her signing skills.  We hope you enjoy the video clips that she has been kind enough to share via this website.  Well done, Mrs George - we look forward to learning with you.


I Can Sign a Rainbow



This first video, is a song all the children at Hurst will know.  'A Spring Chicken'

And how about learning some words for Easter?

 A few new words to learn!

Click here for access resources from the BSL website.