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The Role of the Governing Body

What does the governing body do?

Governors work closely with their Head Teachers and Senior Leadership Teams to support their schools’ ongoing development and improvement. The governing body does not have responsibility for the day to day running of the school – that falls to the Head Teacher. The governing body is held responsible for raising standards, setting the school’s strategic direction, and ensuring accountability. In doing so, governors act as a ‘critical friend’ to the school, offering advice and challenge where necessary.

In reality, this translates to governors attending termly meetings of the full governing body and their relevant committees, and getting involved in detailed work including the analysis of pupil performance data, reviewing school policies on issues such as Health and Safety, and undertaking visits to the school to see teaching and learning in action.

Who can become a governor?

Anyone over 18 can become a school governor.

What skills do governors need?

You don’t need special qualifications to be a governor, but qualities such as enthusiasm, commitment, and an interest in making a difference to children’s lives are essential!

What benefits are there to becoming a governor?

Becoming a governor is a serious commitment, but it can also be extremely rewarding. You get a real sense of satisfaction seeing the children in your community benefit from your efforts, you get to work with a wide range of people, and you gain an insight into how schools and the education system as a whole operates. You also have the opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen existing ones, both through governor meetings and through the range of training that all governors are encouraged to participate in.

The Governing Body’s Work

It would be impossible to cover all of the governing body’s business in just one meeting a term. So the governing body splits itself into three key committees – Curriculum, Finance and General Management, and Staffing – where more detailed discussions can take place. In addition to these committees, there are smaller, more specific committees that are only convened when they are required. Some governors also have a specific responsibility to act as a link with the school on a key area of interest. Details of those committees and the specific interest governors are below.


Mrs E Box - Chair of Governing Body

Mr I Scott - Vice Chair of Governing Body

Curriculum Committee

Mrs C Sharp - (Chair)

Mrs S Bailey

Ms C Longley  - Head Teacher

Mrs K Marshall

Mrs C Mortimer

Finance & Premises Committee

Mr I Scott (Chair)

Mrs E Box

Ms C Longley - Head Teacher

Mrs C Mortimer

Staffing Committee

Mr W Valentine (Chair)

Mrs E Box

Mrs M Hunt 

Ms C Longley - Head Teacher


Pupil Discipline

Ms C Longley - Head Teacher

Staffing 'First' / Staff Dismissal

Deputy Head Teacher Selection Panel

Mrs E Box (Chair)

Ms C Longley - Head Teacher

+ One Additional Governor

Head Teacher Selection Panel

Mrs E Box



Admissions Appeal Panel

Mrs E Box

Appointed Governors For Performance Management

Mrs E Box


Review Officer

Mr I Scott

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